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Foxgloves, Digitalis - The Botanic Nursery 

The Botanic Nursery

Atworth, Wiltshire. Online shop open, we are delivering as normal, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank you for supporting our family business.
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Foxgloves (AKA: Digitalis) from the national collection holder, The Botanic Nursery.

See our list of large plants for flowering this spring/summer here

See our list of smaller plug plants, these are more economical for postage

We also have ~9cm plants, where indicated these will flower this year. They are intermediate size

...And don't forget your foxglove seeds. The most economical way to gaden!

Foxgloves A Modern Monograph

A complete garden guide to Foxgloves and the most comprehensive work on Digitalis available. 100 pages of illustrations and descriptions of the 24 species and main cultivars with details on cultivation gained from a lifetime of study.


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The Botanic Nursery

Atworth, Wiltshire.
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10-4.
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The Botanic Nursery
The Botanic Nursery
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