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Dryopteris erythrosora Fern


A handsome fern, forming triangular fronds which are copper-red when young slowly turning dark green. This creates a great effect among the old foliage, reverse decorated with showy red spore capsules. . Around 2feet high sun or shade reasonable soils. Evergreen

1.5 litre £6.50

Shipping category 3

Dryopteris filix mas polydactylus Fern


Easy grown fern for any soil except boggy, hardy even in un-advantageous places, the fronds are attractive in appearance of texture and form. Deciduous 2 to 3 feet, can be evergreen in mild areas

1.5 litre £6.50

Shipping category 3

Dryopteris sieboldii Fern


Rare evergreen fern. Origin Japan and China hardy to minus 20c. Loves shade especially among tress or shrubs. New foliage glaucous. Ordinary soil even dry but not arrid.

1.5 litre £8.50

Shipping category 3

Dryopteris wallichiana Fern


Wallichs Wood Fern. Just about the most magnificent fern. The young unfolding fronds are bronzed yellow-green, contrasting well with the black hairy midrib and stems. Height 3feet Deciduous. Good soils in shade.

1.5 litre £6.50

Shipping category 3


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