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Thalictrum delavaii splendide


Beautiful plant up to 5feet for sun or very light shade. Hardy herbaceous perennial. Flowers lavender blue produced in clusters with yellow stamens, set against dark grey green foliage, very pretty always popular at flower shows.

11cm £6.50

Shipping category 3

Thalictrum delavayi splendide album


A really beautiful herbaceous perennial which stems of white flowers in mid to late summer. Around 4' high, attractive foliage great in sun or part shade in average to good soils.

11cm £6.50

Shipping category 3

Thalictrum ichangense


Very long flowering often from April right into november. Small fluffy lilac flowers and large silver veined leaves. A rare choice plant. Especially of merit for foliage effect and pretty flowers.

11cm £6.50

Shipping category 3

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